Building as in former times...SCULPTURE – STONE CARVING

                        HISTORIC STONES

L'Atelier de la Pierre offers authentic copies of architectural elements ranging from the Middle Ages to the 18th century, entirely appropriate for the restoration of our heritage.

Trained by the compagnonnage (companionship) system and at the École des Monuments Historiques (Historic Monument School), Philippe Giraud relies on his extensive experience in the freestone renovation of various buildings, from registered monuments to traditional rural dwellings.

The Pierres d'Histoire (Historic Stones) offer the charm of ancient materials to renovate mansions and manors or to enhance the design of new buildings, thus enabling to create stone poetry as in former times...

Training Section:  vocational training and apprenticeship. Stone Carving CAP (French diploma) in 2 years. 22 weeks of training for a total of 760 hours.

Manor Stones

Rural Dwelling Stones

Medieval Stones

Pierres des manoirs Pierres des maisons paysannes Pierres mŽdiŽvales
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