Training for the CAP Stone-related Crafts (French Diploma)
Preparation to BP Stone-related Crafts(in project for 2009)

The Training Centre set up by L'Atelier de la Pierre offers an excellent vocational and human training to youngsters and adults wishing to start with or to become proficient in stone-related crafts.

Indeed, the transmission of knowledge and know-how takes place within a highly professional environment which has a recognized experience and a constant quality requirement

The limited number of trainees (max. 10 per session) (cf. brochure)) enables an individually tailored pedagogic progression and makes it possible to take into account each person's project.

Duration: 2 ans à raison de 380 h par an. 2 years, with 380 hours per year.

22 weeks of theory lessons and hands-on practice, between October and June.
The preparation for the CAP exam takes place in June of year 2.

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