L’Atelier de la Pierre SCULPTURE – STONE CARVING
The gesture and the tool, the hand and the stone  

1996 was the year when Philippe Giraud established L'Atelier de la Pierre, at the heart of the Perche region. Thanks to his thorough experience acquired at the École des Monuments Historiques (Historic Monument School) and to a compagnonnage (companionship) period, renovating cathedrals and other prestigious French monuments, Philippe Giraud has been able to put his art at the service of the safeguard of the very extensive built heritage of the Perche region.

His proficiency in the art of sculpture now enables him to successfully tackle restoration and creation of medieval, Renaissance and classical statues and ornaments. Numerous manors, old farms and medieval churches have regained their original beauty thanks to L'Atelier de la Pierre.

In addition to restoration works, L'Atelier de la Pierre organizes workshops and makes copies of period architectural elements within the framework of Pierres d'Histoire (Historic Stones), a project that aims at integrating stones that seem to come directly from the past into both old and new buildings. 

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